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Success Takes More Than just Practice

What we do

IQEI was set up with the aim of providing a fresh approach to private tutoring. Unlike other firms, we want to avoid the trap of simply extending the school day into the evening. The way we see it, if school isn't working, then to recreate the classroom at home can't be the right way to go about things. Instead we want to open your child's eyes to the boundless horizons they have ahead of them and get them started all over again.

And here's how we do it:

The Asch Experiment is a famous psychological test carried out on young men in the 1950s. In it, a group of volunteers is shown simple geometric images (two lines of different lengths) and asked basic questions thereon (which line is longer, etc). Easy, right? But of course there’s a catch: secretly, all of the volunteers except for one have been instructed to give the wrong answer. Inevitably, when it comes to the one person who is answering honestly, he goes against what he knows to be correct and follows the consensus. The experiment demonstrates the power of peer pressure and highlights the difficulties of class education: if you're not sure, it’s often difficult to speak out.

Classrooms are great environments for discussion, for debate and above all for learning, but inevitably they have their drawbacks. As well as targeting any areas of weakness, our class support service is designed to give your child a regular sounding board for the tidal wave of new material they encounter.

Yup, we know. Exams are the bane of our lives. They were traumatic when we were at school, and now they’re traumatic when our children are at school. It’s not even established that they’re the most effective way of measuring a child’s academic worth. But while the system is in place, why not beat it at its own game?

Unlike you, of course, we love exams. It’s what we do. We know what’s coming, we know what they want to hear and we know how to teach your child to deliver. Our exam coaching service works over holidays and half terms to prepare a student as thoroughly as possible for any specific exam and to ensure the highest possible chance of success. Some call it opportunistic, but while people continue to judge your child by what they scribble down over three hours in a stuffy hall in summer, rather than their value as a human being, we’ll continue to offer the service. Given the time, we can pretty much be sure of hoisting your child’s grade up the alphabet.

The original concept that brought about IQEI, our One2One Schooling ensures that any child needing to take time away from regular school is not only kept up to speed with what is going on in classes, but is able to move ahead of their peers.

Whatever the reason, be it illness, a change in education system or competing in sporting tournaments, our tutor will liaise with the school and structure your child’s day with three goals in mind: that all existing academic frailties are addressed; that all missed classwork is completed to an exemplary standard; that your child is fully equipped to hit the ground running on their return to school. The fact that the shared time and friendship with the tutor inevitably helps with the maturing and confidence of your child is just an added, immeasurable bonus.

Our pioneering service, IQEI’s One2One Schooling has left pupils, parents and schools delighted, which is no small beans when you consider that schools don’t usually take kindly to tutoring services. (We steal their thunder).

League tables, where would we be without them? Probably in a country with a better educational system. But, unfortunately, we only have ourselves to blame. As long as we keep looking to league tables to define the multitude of schools the UK has to offer, these schools will continue to strive to achieve little other than higher grades. In the meantime however, we can be your insider. We know which questions you really need to be asking, we know which statistics you really need to notice.

Did you know, as a rule of thumb it takes a headmaster 5 years to settle? (It takes 5 years for the population of a school to regenerate entirely, and so for every pupil to have known no other head). When it comes to choosing your child’s school there are many pitfalls, and yet it remains one of the most important decisions you are likely to make of their lives. We’ve been in the game for over a decade, allow our inside knowledge to help you make the right choice with confidence.

We know what they’re like. You spend all year bringing them up correctly, teaching them, encouraging them to be outgoing and energetic and to make the most of youth, and then the holidays come and they sleep till one and spend the rest of the day in front of a screen. The problem is just because they're on holiday, doesn't mean you are, and without you to gee them up a bit, all your good work melts away like snow in the summer.

Our holiday mentoring service means you don’t need to fear the erosive power of idle holidays. Wherever you are in the world, our mentor will arrange activities to strike the perfect physical and mental balance and ensure a fun, eventful and productive holiday. From the tiniest details of manners and posture, to life-changing achievements like learning a musical instrument, you will be amazed at the positive influence our mentors can have.

Our main aim is always to strike up a friendship and remind children how satisfying a sense of accomplishment really is.

In the end it can all come down to this: one panel, a handful of questions and one chance to make an impression.

Of course it helps to do your homework, to know your stuff, but it helps too to have some inside knowledge. When it comes to educational interviews it's not just your academic worth that's being assessed: your passion and personality are probably more important. After all, your interviewer is choosing who will be sitting in their study for the next few years.

At IQEI we try to team up prospective students with tutors who have come from those very establishments, and so share their inside knowledge. Our aim is to give your child a well-founded confidence and thereby maximise their chances of success.

"Thanks for all your amazing work!"

Amy, Notting Hill